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Tihar is the famous festival of the Hindus. It is also called 'Dipawali'. It generally falls in the month of Kartik or the end of October. During this festival crow and other animals are worshipped. It is the festival of lights and flowers also.

'Dipawali' is also called 'Bhaitika'. In many places of Nepal, Tihar is generally celebrated for 5 days. That's why it is also called 'Yampanchak'. During this period some animals and birds like cow, ox, crow, dog and goddess are worshipped.

On the first day of yampanchak crows are worshipped by offering food to them. On the second/third day, goddess Laxmi is worshipped. She is believed to be the goddess of wealth. People worship the oxen on the fourth day. It is known as Mahapuja. The last day is called 'Bhaitika'. On this day, sister offers tika with various colours on the forehead of her brother. They also offer the different types of flowers and delicious food and various kinds of sweets and fruits. After that brother also offers tika, money and various types of gifts. They enjoy with different types of folk songs that is called 'Bhailo'.

This is the festival of lights and flowers. Various kind of candles, lights and traditional diyos are lit in order to illuminate the whole building of the people. This festival plays a vital role to create a deep relationship between brothers and sisters.

In conclusion, this is the second greatest festival after Dashain. This festival teaches us important message that we should preserve all the animals.

Five days of Tihar:
1st Day: Kaag Tihar - Crow Pooja
2nd Day: Kukur Tihar  - Dog Pooja
3rd Day: Gai Tihar or Laxmi Pooja - Cow or Goddess of Wealth Pooja
4th Day: Goru (Ox) Tihar, Govardhan Pooja, Maha Puja
5th Day: Bhai Tika, Bhai Tihar - Brother and Sister Pooja

History and Origin of Tihar:

There are several stories about the origin of Tihar festival. One of the most famous stories is the story of Yama, the god of death and his sister Yamuna.

Long ago, Yama Raj, due to his busy schedule, couldn't meet his sister Yamuna. Yamuna wanted to talk with her brother Yama Raj so she sent crow, dog, cow, ox and finally went to meet him herself. She asked her brother to do her a favour of meeting her at least one day in whole year. Yama Raj  accepted the favour and established 'Tihar' as a festival in which brothers and sisters get chance to meet with each other at least in the name of the festival.

Tihar (Diwali/Dipawali) Wishes & Greetings:

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