Facilities and Services provided by different banks of Nepal

Facilities and Services provided by different banks of Nepal:

Nowadays, choosing banks for saving purposes or taking loan purposes have been difficult as there are so many banks and we have to visit all the banks individually asking for their facilities and services. If we open an account in one bank or take loan from it without knowing much about other banks then we will regret if we find better facilities and services in other banks later.

So, considering this fact, I have collected various informations from different banks regarding their services and facilities. I think this will help you choosing a suitable bank according to your need and wish. Then, Let's start!

List of Banks with their services and facilities:

( In alphabetical order )

• Global IME Bank:
Interest Rate: 4%
ATM Card Fee: Rs. 1000 (Valid for 3 years)
Mobile banking + SMS Alert : Rs. 250

• NIC Asia Bank:
Interest Rate: 4.75%
ATM Card Fee: Free for 1st year , Then Rs. 350 per year.
Mobile Banking + SMS Alert : Free for 1st year, Then Rs. 250

• Janata Bank:
Interest Rate: 5%
ATM Card Fee: Rs. 500 card for 2 years validity or Rs. 1000 Card for 5 years ( You can choose )
Mobile Banking + SMS Alert : Rs. 250

Other banks will be added soon! Plz write down on comment to mention the name of the banks you want to know about and donot hesitate to give any suggestions and feedback. Thank you!

Facilities and services provided by different banks of nepal

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  1. Malai Siddhartha bank Ko barema info chaiyo hai

    1. Ok, this post will be updated as soon as possible. Thanks for your valuable time!