Guru Purnima ( Teacher's Day ) - History, Origin | Details & Explanation

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima (also known as teacher's day in western countries) is a day in which students praise their teachers and worship them with thankfulness for giving valuable knowledge and wisdom in their lives. Guru Purnima, as the name suggests Guru (meaning teacher) and Purnima (meaning full moon day) in Sanskrit Language is a festival of students and teachers which falls on the full moon day usually between June and July months, however there is no fixed date for it to take place and is decided by astrologists.
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History and Origin:

This day remarks the birthday of great saint Ved Vyasa, who wrote the pure religious book of Mahabharata , Puranas and Vedas which have great significance in Hindu Culture. Also, this festival brings us back to the age of Lord Buddha ( Siddhartha Gautam) who was born in a royal place of Lumbini, Kapilbastu, which is now a district of Nepal. Lord Buddha was highly enlightened and used to share his knowledges to his students, which after some time originated Buddhism Religion following all the knowledges and instructions that Lord Buddha gave, who is also known as light of Asia and even Light of World.

Guru Purnima Celebration Today:

By knowing the history, we are familiar that Guru Purnima was started from the south-east Asian countries like Nepal, India and Bhutan. Nowadays, this festival has also influenced the western countries and people are celebrating this festival.

Students are seen offering flowers and some gifts that they can afford to the teachers whereas teachers give blessing to their students on this day.

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