Ticket rates of all the cinema halls of Nepal - 2079 (2022)

When someone tells us to go to watch movie this weekend, we become desperate about the money what we have in our pocket. So, we can say that money matters the most before going to any cinema halls and so is their ticket rates.

For convenience, I have collected the different ticket prices of different cinema halls of nepal located in different places.

Cinema halls listed:
1. Qfx Cinemas
2. Big Movies
3. Fcube Cinemas
4. BSR Movies
5. CDC Cinemas

Ticket Rates:
1. Qfx Cinemas:
Note: 50% discount is available on morning shows.

2. Big Movies:
Note: Rs. 50 extra for 3D movies.

3. Fcube Cinemas:
Note: Rs. 50 extra for 3D movies.

4. BSR Movies:

5. CDC Cinemas:

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