Why is it good to eat foods with hands rather than spoon?

Eating With Hands Vs Eating With a Spoon:

According to the Hindu Vedas, hand is the most important part. Each finger of such hand is the extension of five elements. The thumb represents the space. Similarly, air is represented by the index finger. Middle finger represents Fire. If the ring finger is to tell pure water, the lower ( pinky) finger represents the earth. 

So, while eating the food, these five elements will be excited. It also helps in producing digestive juice in the stomach. Keep in mind the benefits of getting hands while eating.

Eating with hands prevents the mouth from injuries due to hot food while eating. Because the hand touches the food, it will be known to know how hot or cold it is. But if you eat food with a spoon, information about hot or cold can not be taken. Also the temperature of the spoon will change according to the temperature of the food.

While eating hands with the fingers of the hand together, this state will produce special energy in the body. And the body will be healthy. Before eating food and after eating, it is necessary to pay special attention to washing hands. It will be beneficial to eat the lunch with a handful of food.
Eating Foods with hands Vs Eating food with a spoon, Food guides,

5 different truths in the body will be balanced by eating with hands. Doing this will strengthen the hands of the hand, which will be practiced, and if you eat with hands, you will be able to stay away from type 2 diabetes.

According to researchers, eating with hands will make stomach well filled. If stomach becomes well filled , body will be satisfied and  the hand will also be helpful to eat food to reduce such weight.

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